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Hi, I’m Trevelyan. I am the owner of Lightwing Woodwork and I am based in the North East. I have loved working with wood since I was a child so I decided to turn my passion into a business.

I was lucky enough to spend formative time with my Uncle and Grandfather who were both wood craftsmen in different ways.  My Grandfather ran a lumber yard in America and built timber frame homes, my Uncle was a Journeyman Carpenter in the UK who also built and flew wooden gliders.  Both passed on to me the absolute importance of bringing together form and function, beauty and use.

I work out of a small workshop which allows me many methods of making using machinery and hand tools.

I am struck, with every project, by how very beautiful wood is.  It is important to stay connected to the growing living tree that provided the wood being worked, for practical and aesthetic reasons.  I try and source wood as locally as I possibly can or ensure it has FSC certification.  I use tropical hardwoods sparingly unless client’s specifically request them.

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Trevelyan Beyer | Lightwing Woodwork

I source all wood as locally as I can or ensure it has FSC Certification.


I have loved working with wood since I was a child and love creating new pieces.


Got a project in mind? Get in touch to discuss your ideas and I will talk you through the process.


I am based in the North East, in a village just outside Newcastle upon Tyne.

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